About Us

Founded in 2011, LIFULL MEDIA INDONESIA persistently helps people to have a more fulfilling live. We commit to contribute on how every “LIFE” in the world “FULL” with comfort and happiness

Maximizing life-event database from all across the world in only one website. Connecting with age, gender, language, and nationality without borders, we are bringing LIFE solutions for all people around the world.

Make every LIFE, FULL. The future that is “LIFULL” starts now.

The word “LIFE” encompasses two meanings as well. It means both “LIFE” as in living to a ripe old age, and also “LIFESTYLE” as in what you do on a day-to-day basis. “EVERY” signifies that we’re including both of those meanings.
As people have different lives and lifestyles, we want to focus on each of them. That’s how we intend to move forward.
I want each and every one of us to realize that we have a central role to play in making every LIFE FULL. I want us all to work together as we shape this company called LIFULL.

Ryosuke Tobe - Chief Operational Officer


LIFULL historically starts with LIFULL HOME’S (No.1 Property Portal in Japan) based in Japan from 1997 and has been rapidly growing business overseas over 57 countries, including Indonesia. Helping Japanese to buy, sell, and rent properties in Indonesia, LIFULL Concierge was the initiated in Indonesia. It then followed by LIFULL Rumah where Indonesian can pick the suited home and investment using our platform. Afterward, LIFULL Produk started by sharing information, reviews, as well as free snack and beauty products.